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  • All data must be in base16 format (0-F) also called hexadecimal format
    • In base10 format (or decimal format) it would be 0-15

Tag data parts

Tag data consists 2 parts: prefix and postfix. Both of these are 4 bytes in length.

First part represents the competition identified and second part represents the competitor number.

  • For instance, competitor number 1 would be 0x0000001 and 73 would be 0x00000049
  • Same rule applies to competition identifier, which must be in number format as well

Competition identifier can be 0 which tells the software not to separate tags per. competition.

Competitor number can NOT be 0 because it will also indicate a false tag being detected.

EPC Gen2 tag data

EPC Gen2 tags has EPC memory area size of 12 bytes (or 96 bits). Other memory areas are TID and USER.

So if you want to program a tag for competition 45 and competitor 182 it would go like this:

  • Competition identifier: 45
    • 0x0000002D --> prefix
  • Competitor number: 182
    • 0x000000B6 --> postfix
  • EPC memory area data: 0x0000002D 00000000 000000B6

Notice an empty space (4 bytes) between prefix and postfix.

You should also change tag's access password and set write-lock to tag's EPC memory area.


Largest number for both competition identifier and competitor number is 4 294 967 295

...but timekeeping software is limiting numbers as:

  • Competition identifier: 0 - 999 999 999
  • Competitor number: 1 - 99 999