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High level
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J2Chrono (codename chromo) is a result service application family. Developed by Enymind Oy.

J2Chrono result service software

J2Chrono 1.0.364

Demonstration data

Download here. Load data in J2Chrono: File->Backup->Restore backup You have to enter license data again after restore (asks it).


More in J2Chrono Plugins

System requirements
  • When using transponder reader you need one free ethernet or serial port.
    • When using serial port, install also RXTXComm
  • To enable SMS functionality in Linux environment, install also SMS Server Tools.

Operating system and hardware requirements

See Hardware support


J2Chrono currently supports protocols used in RFID-readers with ethernet, USB, or serial port. Developing a new driver for a specific reader is easy.

The base software provides a framework to plugins and abilities to manage competitor- and competition databases, serial result (championship) databases, live internet timing server ChronoLive, printing layouts, and a Plugin API.

The timing process itself are run with separate time station software ChronoFly which interacts with the reader unit, thermal printers, light beam backup devices and the result (server) software itself through wired or wireless (wlan, gprs, sms) connection alternatives.

J2Chrono has a semi-public Java Plugin API so anyone are able to write own scoring templates and plugins to software, so there are no limits whether you are skiing or driving motocross or enduro. We have also many already excellent plugins (especially for motor sports) which are shipped with our software.