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===User's manuals===
===User's manuals===
More in [[J2Chrono User's manual]]
More in [[J2Chrono User's manual]]
====Demonstration data====
Download [http://wiki.enymind.fi/demo/startup/j2chrono-startup-data-backup.zip here].
Load data in J2Chrono:
<tt>File->Backup->Restore backup</tt>
You have to enter license data again after restore (asks it).

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J2Chrono (codename chromo) is a result service application family. Developed by Enymind Production.

J2Chrono result service software

200px|thumb|right|J2Chrono 1.0.364

User's manuals

More in J2Chrono User's manual

Demonstration data

Download here. Load data in J2Chrono: File->Backup->Restore backup You have to enter license data again after restore (asks it).


More in J2Chrono Plugins


More in J2Chrono Installation

System requirements

Operating system and hardware requirements

  • Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7, Linux Debian Etch or newer/(Ku/Xu/U)buntu Hardy or newer, MacOS X Tiger or newer
  • 1800MHz 32/64bit i386/amd64 processor or better
  • 512MB RAM memory
  • J2Chrono, 7.8MB free disk space
  • Java Runtime Environment, 15.4MB free disk space
  • VGA compatible display adapter, 8MB video memory or more
  • Keyboard and mouse