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This list contains only officially released versions. Versions not listed here are not released officially. If you have some unofficial version installed please upgrade it to the latest official version.


  • dropped out legacy ThingMagic reader support, check your device before using this version
  • added support for ThingMagic reader series Astra-EX and USB Pro
  • added support for Impinj reader series Speedway Revolution
  • fixed application startup freeze when there is no proper driver available for selected reader


  • last version supporting legacy ThingMagic readers
  • added French language
  • fixed runtime label update issues


  • fixed closing of the app if there is no sound card present
  • fixed English translation of "sketchboard"


  • first released 1.2 version
  • improved look and usability
  • able to set start light to reverse mode
  • kill tag support to mercury driver


  • initial test version